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  • "The joy of living"

Tema Actual 10 - THE ANIMALS

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My dear friend, the other day I saw a documentary of wild animals, and, what a pain!, to think that they were eating each other, because of the original sin. God had created them, magnificent, docile, to the care of the man, to his service, and after the Tragedy, of the disobedience, after sinning, how changed everything. A fawn was eaten by a lion, which also ate up a giraffe; and all the animals living with fear, always stalked by others, of which they are their food. All that the man did it, what a horror! I could not continue seeing the video, I was felt guilty of their ferocity, because I know, that I also would have sinned, as Adam and Eve did, because so often I have fallen into the bad temptation, other times not, I have overcame the temptation, but I know that I would have fallen into temptation that Eve had fallen because of the devil, because if she, being created of the hands of God, having received His caresses, being sculpted with the God's fingertips, being kissed by His breath, the breath of God the Father, which gives life, and until it doesn't leave us, we live… Yes, I would have been so miserable as Eve, I'm sure; poor Eve, what silly was.

That's how silly we are the sinners, but God has hope, He create a Beautiful woman again, full of Grace; He tried His luck again, and He had the happiness of being corresponded by the Virgin Mary. Oh Holy Mother, oh my Mother, how I cannot love you, if you are the full of Grace, who brought the Savior to the world, the heroine of my life.

The sin of Adam and Eve, not only brought the consequences whereby the animals were eating each other, but the persons were killing each other, as Cain killed Abel. The consequences of the goodness of the Blessed Virgin Mary, brought the peace in the middle of the storm, that peace that God, Jesus, gave to us when He rose to the heaven, said: "My peace I give to you".

My friend, thank you, I love you very much.

Always go ahead with faith.

María Durán de Bellido
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